Lumberjacks In Love

The Kid, U/S                             Northern Sky Theater
No Bones About ItJulie, U/SNorthern Sky Theater
Doctor, Doctor!                         Annie, U/SNorthern Sky Theater
Lumberjacks In LoveThe Kid, U/SNorthern Sky Theater
Dr. Faustus Lights the LightsThe Country WomanNorth Central College
Down In The ValleyJennieNorth Central College
ParadeFactory Girl (Essie), EnsembleNorth Central College
King Lear (B. Gaines, L. Yando)EnsembleChicago Shakespeare Theater
4.48 PsychosisChorusNorth Central College
Dig ItAnnieNorth Central College
Waiting For the MatineeUsherNorth Central College
Little WomenMegStage Door Fine Arts
HairsprayPrudy Pingelton, EnsembleStage Door Fine Arts

Becca Sheehan


North Central College- Bachelor of Arts, Musical Theatre & Theatre
Acting: Carin Silkaitis, Matt Boresi, Grant Stokes
Voice: Jessie Oliver, Ann Marie White, Linda Ogden, Jermaine Hill, Sandra Jozef 
Voice and Acting: Glory Kissel
Dance: Steven Spanopoulos, Dmitri Peskov, Cindy Hartigan, Melissa Libel
Piano: Ann August Waldron

On Camera: Vagabond School- Michael McCracken, Level One 

Vagabond School- Maura Kidwell, Level Two
Chicago Actors Studio-Sarah Clarke, Commercial Auditioning

Classical Acting Workshop: Larry Yando
Monologue Workshop: Ted Hoerl
Improv: Halena Kays, Ben Bowman

B e c c a   S h e e h a n​​
Height:  5’7”     Weight:  140 lbs.     Hair:  Brown     Eyes:  Brown     Vocal Range:  Soprano

Work Experience

The Other Theatre Company          Company Member, Artistic StaffCurrent Employment
Northern Sky TheaterProduction Intern, Understudy2015-September 2016
The Other Theatre CompanyProduction Management InternJune 2015-March 2016
Porchlight Music TheatreAdministrative and Production InternJune-September 2014
Provision Theater                              Dance and Vocal Instructor, Camp Counselor        Summers 2012-2014


Theatrical Experience 

The Making of a Modern Folk Hero            Puppeteer                                               Other Theatre and Chicago Dramatists
Barney the ElfPinecone and Ensemble    Other Theatre